We get many very positive comments, letters, emails and cards from parents to let us know how they feel about the nursery. Below are a selection of comments sent by parents after our nomination and subsequent short listing for the National Day Nurseries Award for Nursery of the Year 2015.

Information on our latest Ofsted report can be found by click here.

It’s fun, fun day in the summer, Christmas pantomime, trips to the summer fair, trips to the park, my kids love going.

Mr D S


The warmest, most caring environment a parent could wish for.

Mrs N T

St Thomas is the best nursery you could ever wish for. The staff are professional, kind and caring and work extremely well as a team. This is evident by the very low turnover of staff. They have a lovely age mix, the older staff having worked there for decades sometimes. The manager and staff do their utmost to accommodate all the children’s (special) needs and that has required significant effort on their part. This is always done with the utmost grace and the greatest effort. The staff are encouraged and helped to continue their professional development. I believe my children have been aided greatly in becoming confident, well rounded, highly sociable creatures by the amazing support they have received from the nursery. I have always felt completely at ease leaving my children there. One last thing: the cook is amazing and my children often ask for me to cook a meal they have eaten at nursery.

 N V

A wonderful nursery. The staff is caring, knowledgeable and full of excellent ideas. Our daughter has a great time and learns lots.

Ms Z S

The nursery is outstanding in the opinions of all the parents and children, and Ofsted has decreed again also.

Ms C C

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