Impromptu Visitors

Posted by Nikki Pargeter | May 25th 2016

My beautiful picture

At St Thomas Nursery we try and plan lots of exciting things for the children to do and see. Sometimes however something impromptu turns up and we make the most out of what has happened. Today we had a visit from 2 ducks who just turned up. The children took it in turns to go outside of the gate with an adult and armed with bread too feed them. The ducks came up very close and the children were able to look at their webbed feet and discuss if they were boys or girls (we decided they were boys because of the lovely colours). As the children took turns the ducks patiently waited as more children and more bread arrived. Soon we were then joined by a nosy squirrel from the churchyards and then 3 big white birds (maybe seagulls!!) who were also enjoying the bread that was on offer. The children had a great time seeing how far they could throw the bread and how close the ducks would get to us. Nikki did try and stroke one but the duck thought her hand was bread so decided not to try again!!


My beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture